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Whiskey Network Review #196 | /r/Scotch Review #78: Tomatin 12yr Cuatro Series: #4 – PX, 92pf

The Schtick: This series is an interesting experiment at the hands of tomatin to get you to buy not one, not two, not three but four different bottlings that have been finished in different casks. This is #4 since I passed on Fino, Oloroso and Manzanilla. I wanted to try them all but the other three were out of stock and I was only in the market to buy one so I got this one. Thanks, Universe.

These have all been matured 9yrs in oak and then another 3 in their respective finish. This one is Pedro Ximenez sherry vessels. No word if refill or first fill.

To be fair, I think it would be way cool if they went all sampler on this instead of selling 4x750ml bottles individually and went a la GlenMo and did 4x10cl bottles. I’d pay good money for that. Anyways, on to the review.

Nose: thin sherry and vanilla. plums, grapes and raspberries are most notable. In my notes I have written: “watered down macallan” and I think that’s just the best way to say it. It smells like 60% macallan 12 and 30% water.

Taste: Thin but sweet. Grapes and some nice mild spice. Astringent and mildly hot with an interesting faint turn towards burning rubber and plastic. I’m not sure how much I love that note in what I was expecting to be a nice sweet sherried dram.

Finish: Short but sweet and fruity. a little hot, with lots of figs, sugar and light charcoal and cream. Those damn tires are back, albeit faintly.

Overall: I’m glad in the end I didn’t buy all four. I saved myself about $180 and some tears, I think. There’s multiple flaws here but the two biggest being the watered down feel and the weird rubber notes in the palate and finish. For this reasons, I’m giving Tomatin Cuatro 4 12yr PX a 4. It’s not awful but it’s overpriced for what it is and there are some flaws. Here at rank 4, it sits among other decent but flawed drams such as Benromach 10 and Nikka Coffey Grain.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 4


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