Review #197. Glen Scotia 22yr Signatory Vintage

Whiskey Network Review #197 | /r/Scotch Review #79: Signatory 1991 Glen Scotia 22yo, 57.69%

Barreled: 17.04.1991

Dumped: 6.09.2013

Barrel: 1052

Bottle: #98/219

Cask: Hogshead

ABV: 57.69%

Nose: Honey, salt and pepper with some light peat and ashy smoke. Lemon zest, butterscotch and a hint of salt and vinegar chips.

Taste: Gentle butterscotch, hay and pear. There’s some lemon and peat with a healthy dose of buttercream. Some thin smoke and a little ash.

Finish: Long and complex – more so than the palate. Sweet and salty with a hint of smokey. Super savory. I really am enjoying the floral aspect of it also. Delicious.

Overall: Overall, this dram is walking the 6/7 line for me. It’s sweet and delicious, with some really savory notes also. It’s very unique. I love the sweet and then in the next moment there is ashy smoke. I love it but I think it could have done a little better on the palate so I’m going to stick to my guns and call this dram a 6. It was very close but just not quite there. In my gut, I feel that this is where the dram belongs. Sorry, Glen. No shame though, since at Rank 6 there are many good scotches and this Glen Scotia sits among pals like Balvenie 15 SiB, Glen Grant Decades and Glenrothes 11. Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6

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