Review #198. Old Weller Antique Liquor Outlet Pick

Whiskey Network Review #198 | /r/Bourbon Review #110: Old Weller Antique Store Select, 107pf

Store Pick from Liquor Outlet. Pulled from Warehouse 1, Floor 2, Rick 66, Barrel #90

Nose: Maple syrup, sugar and honey. Hay, dusty leather, molasses, cinnamon and clove.

Taste: Spicy and hot, brown sugar and molasses. Young and rough – very reminiscent of picking the red hot cinnamon candies off of a gingerbread house around the Holidays.

Finish: Short and hot. Kind of one dimensional with a significant burning of the nose and palate. As this dram soldiers on it becomes more and more of a cinnamon stick with a hint of other typical notes.

Overall: I won’t lie. I’m not usually a wheater fan and there is a huge gap between this and Weller 12. I think that wheaters really shine at cask strength and this was kind of a let down. Even for a store pick. I don’t doubt that there are people out there who enjoy it because it’s basically impossible to find these days but it is certainly not for me. Young, rough, hot and one dimensional are all buzzwords that came to mind over and over while I sampled this. For these reasons, I’m giving Old Weller Antique a bump down to a Rank 4. It’s not awful but there are flaws and they sure aren’t well hidden.

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Rank: 4


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