Review #199. Bernheim 7yr Loch Key NCF

Whiskey Network Review #199| /r/Bourbon Review #111: Bernheim 7yr Wheat Unchillfiltered Loch and Key Pick, 90pf

Nose: Sweet mellow fruit (strawberry, faint banana) – vanilla, molasses and honey. Very light, mildly floral and fruity.

Taste: Thin mouthfeel but sweet cloves, banana dough and brown sugar are three big notes that jump right at me. around those there’s a little molasses and syrup but overall this is a very fruity and sweet dram. Definitely a wheater.

Finish: Short and growing hot. Lots of clove and honey. A lot of those distinct features of the palate have already whisped away. A lot of the depth just isn’t here.

Overall: This is a very interesting dram and my first experience with modern Bernheim product. It started interesting, grew really quite good in the palate and then everything just dropped out. I was pretty disappointed because the nose and palate were pretty good. For this reason, I’m rating this dram a 5. It’s fine and that’s all there really is to be said about it. It’s good but forgettable.

Rank: 5

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