Review #201. Bruichladdich Cuvee 382

Whiskey Network Review #201 | /r/Scotch Review #81: Bruichladdich Cuvee 382, 92pf

Nose: First blast of toffee and butterscotch – almost like straight Werthers original candies. This give way to vanilla, some meringue notes and a healthy dose of now apparent jam. It’s doughy and sweet with a good deal of strawberry, raspberry and a hint of lemon developing in that jam note.

Taste: Really thick and oily. Coats well and I notice it more here than in the 640. Mild heat (very mild) and some smoke is making its way into the mix. Lots of toffee, caramel, lemon zest and raspberry as well as developing brine. There’s a hint of burning rubber which oddly plays well into the equation. Over all, it’s complex and well blended with each flavor melding very well with the next. I never thought jam and brine would complement each other, but they absolutely do.

Finish: Long with mild heat. Sweet and smokey with the rubber note fading to a pleasant char. The custard vanilla and jam make a re-appearance though with more raspberry and faint vanilla lemon drop notes before fading one last time to a long, gentle smokey demise.

Overall: I said I was impressed before with the 640 and this is no different. It’s delicious – it’s sweeter and less jammy and the smoke is a hair more evident here. I like it a lot and like the previous – I wish I had one on hand at all times. I’d really like to have the means to crawl deeper down the Bruichladdich rabbit hole.

Bruichladdich seems to take great joy in finishing whiskey at almost any age with any finish they can possibly find. This is both a strength and a weakness to them I feel. Sometimes you stumble upon a gem like this and sometimes you end up with something like Links and Rocks (but not Waves, Waves was good)…get the picture? That kind of variety and experimentation is bound to generate some wonderful bottles and some equally less wonderful bottles. I am glad this didn’t disappoint though. It’s almost totally different than the 640 and I appreciate that – especially for the price. Due to this, I’m also scoring the 382 as an 8. Very well done and I will hang my head with sadness when it is gone.

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Rank: 8

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