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Whiskey Network Review #202| /r/Bourbon Review #112: Hochstadter’s Rock N Rye, 84pf

Nose: Orange, ginger, sweet sugar. Smells like a candy shop.

Taste: Thin syrupy mouth feel. Lots orange, ginger, cough syrup, some juniper and lime. It’s really strange. Definitely a cocktail in a jar. Very little, if any, rye character to speak of.

Finish: Short but exceedingly mild in the heat department. Lots of sweet orange notes with some odd lime in there too. I wonder if that’s just the result of the citrus+sugar overload.

Overall: I think it makes a great mixer. It won’t overtake a straight whiskey anytime soon but for a hot day summer cocktail, I can see this going very well with a big ice cube and a splash of soda water or tonic. It’s thin though and on its own its just all over the place. Cloyingly sweet and all sugar with very little apparent whiskey character. For this reason, I’m giving it a 4. It’s okay, but not something I’d want to have all of the time or more than one of in an evening.

Rank: 4

Whiskey Network Review #203| /r/Bourbon Review #213: Hochstadter’s Rock N Rye Limited Edition 8yr, 100pf

This fella is interesting. Reaaaaaal interesting. This bottle is a Limited Edition that is also age stated. This cocktail in a jar contains 8 year old rye (undisclosed distiller) and is proofed up to 100 as opposed to the fairly low 84 on the standard release.

Nose: Orange and ginger, some rye spice and a good deal of sugar again. The rye spice is a welcome visitor though, and although it doesn’t fully balance it does bring some nice contention to the all sugar and orange nose of the original.

Taste: Thicker, more viscous mouth feel. More orange, a bit of heat and some clove, cinnamon, lime and gingerbread. Sweet is the name of the game here though and some icing and citrusy sugar spring back to cover up all of that rye goodness.

Finish: Medium and more “full”. A bit more going on with more rye spice back to round things out. Ironically the finish really improves here. It becomes dryer and exhibits more rye characteristics as it fades on. This is one of the few drams I can remember that I can likely say were “saved by the finish.”

Overall: This is surprisingly likable. It’s inexpensive ($25.99 here), flavorful and just interesting and different enough that, when combined with the price, deserves to be bought and tried once. It’s kinda fun and trying to make new cocktails with it has proved to be interesting also. It’s not crazy good but it definitely fixes a good deal of the flaws I disliked in the original. For this reason I’ll rate it a 5. It’s interesting, not terrible and an interesting look into what can be done when you highwest some flavors together. Thanks for reading!

Rank: 5

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