Review #205. Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve NASA Selection

Review #205 – Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, 2016 NASA Store Pick

Whiskey Network Review #213| /r/Bourbon Review #122: Knob Creek Reserve Single Barrel, NASA Store Pick, 120pf

Barrel 1910, 9yrs age stated on label, 120pf.

Nose: Spicy. Ethanol. Cinnamon, peanut brittle, there’s some of that nice peanut butter. Cloves and leather notes. This one seems a little more spicy/savory than the previous which was caramel / peanut brittle heavy. So far.

Taste: Spicy but some nice sweetness returning to the mix. It’s definitely still hot like the others though. Lots of caramel, and a whopping scoop of Beam Funk, which I affectionately refer to Beam’s signature note in their bourbons that comes across to me like a batch of peanut brittle and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream. There’s also a good deal of toffee and some more caramel. Definitely transitioning to sweet from the really spicy nose.

Finish: It’s long and hot but also sweet. I’ve always thought that Knob Creek comes across a little hotter than it should based on the proofings. This is no different but its still good. Lots of funky peanut brittle sweetness to mingle with the heat before it meanders on.

Overall: Knob has done it again. This won’t blow your socks off (or at least it didn’t blow mine away) but it’s a great, affordable, overproof bourbon. I enjoyed it despite the extra heat I felt didn’t belong.

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Rank: 6

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