Review #206. Chivas Regal 12yr 1970

​Review #206 – Chivas Regal 1970

Whiskey Network Review #206 | /r/Scotch Review #82: Chivas Regal 12yr, 86pf

Nose: Honey, dough, rich lemon zest. Some yeasty sweetness and a mild bit of ethanol.

Taste: Mellow and slightly thin mouth feel but lots of doughy, custard, vanilla sweetness. Coupled with a fair amount of citrus and some nice lemon zest it’s light and almost dessert like.

Finish: Short and mildly astringent but sweet and filled with corn, grain and dough notes.

Overall: It’s really cool to taste really old stuff. I can’t say its absurdly good but I do like it a lot. I need to get some modern Chivas to compare but something tells me that there might be a good bit of difference. I like that this dram is light, sweet and doughy for a blend that’s undeniably not “top shelf”. For that reason, I’m scoring this dram a 6 – a cut above.

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Rank: 6

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