Review #210. Barrell Bourbon Batch 5

​Review #210 – Barrel Bourbon Batch 5

Whiskey Network Review #210 | /r/Bourbon Review #119: Barrel Bourbon Batch 5, 124.7pf

Nose: Fruity and full of spice like clove and cinnamon. Surprising lack of major, stereotypical notes like caramel, vanilla, etc

Taste: Fruity and sweet. Almost creamy, heavy on the butter cream, fruit like raspberry, blackberry, some minor banana dough. A bit of vanilla and molasses peek in towards the end though and bring a more standard bourbon profile to light. For the proof it’s not too hot on the tongue and coats nicely.

Finish: Long and heavy. More typical with brown sugar and clove fighting through the fruit medley. It’s really an interesting dram and one that’s fairly
complex. It fades away well, not too hot.

Overall: I went into this partial bottle pretty blind since this was the first Barrel product I’ve had. I was pleasantly surprised just how different the profile was and how complex it became, especially for Dickel distillate. It was a nice look into an atypical bourbon profile that I came to thoroughly enjoy. I won’t likely go out and get a bottle of my own since it’s pretty pricey but it was a nice glimpse into new, unique profiles. For these reasons, I’m rating this dram a 6. It’s great and has no major flaws but was more of an adventure to me. I don’t think I’d take this over some other heavy hitters in the Rank 7 category on my shelf if I really had the choice – especially for the prices.

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Rank: 6

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