Review #211. Larceny

​Review #211 – John E. Fitzgerald Larceny

Whiskey Network Review #211 | /r/Bourbon Review #120: John E. Fitzgerald Larceny, 92pf

“John E. Fitzgerald weakness was fine bourbon and he experienced temptation every day. As a treasury agent with the only set of keys to the rickhouses, taking from the barrels was easy. But, he didn’t just take from any barrels, he tool from the best barrels. Some say he was a thief Others claim he was a man of great taste. This is the legend of Larceny. Unlock the smoothness and decide for yourself”

Seems like typical marketing nonsense. If I were a treasury agent with access to anything in the warehouse, would I pick larceny? We shall see.
Larceny is a wheated bourbon and I picked this sucker up on sale for $18. I’m sure it’s no Weller, but I wonder how it compares to other similar wheated bourbons.

Nose: Sweet and yeasty. Very creamy nose and smells very sweet. There’s some mild caramel, thin brown sugar and a hint of buttercream. Mild ethanol that fades quickly with time.

Taste: Very sweet with a medium mouth feel. No heat despite the mildly elevated proof. I like the forward fruitiness and caramel here with some vanilla – although a little oak or clove would really balance nicely.

Finish: There’s a little bitterness here and a tad bit of funk. This is the first time it is appearing but it’s not vile or overarching. Sweet honey here, more cream, mild clove and a healthy dose of caramel makes for one sweet, mild mannered dram.

Overall: A lot of people like to hate on Larceny and I’m not sure why. To me, this is a better Makers Mark – especially given that it’s about $10 (or more, at times) cheaper here. It has the same mild, sweet wheat profile as other wheaters and delivers well on the proof. I wouldn’t pick this every day but for the price and the quality, it can live on my shelf as a nice and sweet mellow dram. For this reason, I’m rating Larceny a Rank 5. It doesn’t shine above big gun bottles but for $18 it’s perfectly fine and shines at the price. I’d take this over OWA any day of the week. Which is nice, because I can find it.

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Rank: 5

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