Review #214. Eagle Rare 10 Charles Street Pick

Review #214 – Eagle Rare 10 Year – Charles St. Liquors Picks

Whiskey Network Review #214 | /r/Bourbon Review #123: Eagle Rare 10 – Charles St Pick, 90pf

Nose: oak and maple, there’s a hint of fruity texture, caramel and butterscotch and vanilla. A little cinnamon trails in the background

Taste: Good balance of oak and vanilla – some brown sugar and a fruity dash of woodiness sneaks in the background. Some heat, but not too much – just enough to remind you that it’s there. Odd bit of a banana note. Delicious.

Finish: Medium to short – very oaky but not too much. It’s well balanced with the sweetness of the dram. I notice the odd banana note sticks around but I don’t mind it.

Overall: In the end, this dram is delicious, inexpensive and sits well on my palate. I notice that this seems a little sweeter and a little fruitier (more banana) than the regular ER10 but it does shine in its uniqueness. I wont be giving this dram a full rank upgrade but I do like that this dram is unique without becoming mediocre. For this reason, I’m giving it a Rank 5.

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Rank: 5

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