Review #216. Bunnahabhain 10yr Port Cask Murray McDavid

Review #216 – Bunnahabhain 10yr Port Cask Finish (Murray McDavid IB)

Whiskey Network Review #216 | /r/Scotch Review #84: Bunnahabhain 10yr Murray McDavid Finished in Port Casks, 92pf

Nose: Mild smoke and peat, jam and berries. Loads of suckers and raspberry. Thick cream, mildly fudge and icing.

Taste: Thin mouth feel, raspberries and jam. Some cocoa and then it kind of drops off. Mild peat and the mouth feel here is really thing.

Finish: Turns to one dimensional, smoke and mild peat with some cream. Jam. It disappears quickly and just kind of up and disappears.

Overall: This really started amazing but began to lose steam in the palate and kind of crashed and burned in the finish. All of the notes were delicious and really interesting but the finish was disappointing and couldn’t keep up the momentum. There was nothing bad about this but there could have definitely been “more” to this dram. For this reason, I’m rating this dram a 5. There’s nothing glaringly flawed about it but I wish it could have kept up momentum from the nose through the finish.

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Rank: 5

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