Review #219 – The Balvenie 10yr Founders Reserve

Review #219 – Balvenie 10yr Founders Reserve

Whiskey Network Review #219 | /r/Scotch Review #87: Balvenie 10yr Founders Reserve, 86pf

Nose: Sweet, barley and yeasty dough notes. Some vanilla cream, light honey and some pleasant floral notes. Reminds me of a younger double wood.

Taste: Mild, thin, mouth feel. Honey, vanilla cream, light floral notes, it’s very Balvenie. No doubt.

Finish: Short to medium, no heat and no noticeable proof. Sweet and doughy, one dimensional but sweet, light and would have been a great summer sipper with the sunset.

Overall: It’s good but nothing exceptionally different than standard Balvenie. It’s light, sweet and floral and although I really wish I could try it at cask strength, it’s not a bad dram as it is. Certainly too low in the proof which I wager is the source of the delicacy but there are no major negative flaws to speak of. For this reason, I’m giving this dram a 5.

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Rank: 5

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