Review #221. Old Charter 10

Review #221 – Old Charter 10

Whiskey Network Review #221 | /r/Bourbon Review #125 – Old Charter 10

Nose: Very sweet and fruity – cream, molasses, mild cinnamon, rich “wheater fruits” like I pick up in W12 – plum, mild jammy raspberry, vanilla sweetness, etc

Taste: Medium mouthfeel, I’m guessing this has a little age. From the nose I was thinking VoB BiB since that’s a fruity young buck but this is older I think since there’s fruit and creamy sweetness still but some lingering woody notes and a good deal of clove, molasses and brown sugar coming in to balance.

Finish: The finish is medium long, no apparent heat – just sweet. It’s a very sweet and fruity dram but I’m glad to see it start to falter in the finish. Mild woody notes and dusty leather, clove, oatmeal, faint pepper all balance the initial sweets overload from the nose and initial palate.

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Rank: 6

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