Review #224. Old Fitzgerald 2001 Bernheim

Review #224 – Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond “01 Stamped Bottle” Bernheim Distilled

Whiskey Network Review #224 | /r/Bourbon Review #126 – Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond – Bernheim, 100pf

This bottle bears an ’01’ on the bottle. Dating it with some internet resources points this to likely being Bernheim distillate. I captured these notes while tasting modern Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond, this bottle, and a 1973 Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond side by side in the presence of friends. It was a great night. I’ll type up my notes on the 1973 as well this week.

This bottle is noticeably different from the modern bottling which leads me to believe this is, indeed, a different distiller.

Nose: Sweet woody vanilla, cola notes and some root beer as well. It’s sweet and woody but very well balanced. Minor molasses in the background but very cola forward.

Taste: Medium but richer than the modern bottling. More molasses and cola with some lingering clove, vanilla and a hint of root beer float. Weird, I know. There’s some heat – this definitely isn’t a top shelf bourbon given its age but it’s good and the heat isn’t excessive for the proof.

Finish: Medium and a bit hotter but still thick in the maple / cola / molasses / vanilla camp. No spice and very sweet forward but it’s a bit different than other typical bourbon profiles that’s a bit hard to explain.

Overall: Overall, I’m pretty happy with this bottle. It’s good quality for the price, especially given that it is a liter bottling. I like how unique the flavor profile is being very cola forward and sweet with only mild oakiness that lends itself more to sweet than bitter. It’s always fun to take a sip of history. I’m rating this dram a 6 – it’s great for the price and uniqueness but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking that this is the world’s best bottle – despite what the secondary may say. This is certainly well above the modern day bottling though and I enjoyed it very much!

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6


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