Review #225. Islay Storm

Review #225 – Islay Storm

Whiskey Network Review #225 | /r/Scotch Review #90 – Islay Storm, 80pf

Nose: Sweet cream, peppery spice. Mild smoke here with some rich toffee and smoke notes. There’s surprising amount of activity going on here.

Taste: Thin mouth feel but that’s no surprise at the legal minimum ABV – there’s a lot of complexity though. Seems like a catch 22 but isn’t really a problem. Smokey and growing vegetal. It’s like a light char kind of smoke with some peppery spice thrown in. It’s surprisingly sweet though, with a lot of cream and very light caramel peeking through. A little fishy also. I’m really impressed at how much is going on here. I expected a burning log and some nail polish remover thrown in a bottle and not much more.

Finish: Short but complex. No astringency, oddly sweet and creamy. The peppery, smoke and subtle vanilla toffee sweetness play really well together.

Overall: For a ~$20 bottle, I’m pleasantly surprised. This is no show stopper, nor a Laphroaig QC competitor but at the price it’s sold at…it doesn’t have to be. There’s a lot going on here and the creamy sweetness blended with the peppery peat is really quite pleasant. I’m giving this dram a Rank 5 – it doesn’t blow anything away but it makes for a surprisingly solid, hyper affordable daily sipper if smoke is your kind of thing.

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Rank: 5

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