Review #227. Caol Ila 6yr Sherry Hepburns Choice

Review #227 – Caol Ila 6yr Hepburn’s Choice Sherry

Whiskey Network Review #227 | /r/Scotch Review #91 – Hepburn’s Choice Caol Ila 6yr Sherry, 117.8pf

Nose: Sweet butter cream, some salt and pepper. The peat screams in and it’s young and raw. This mixed with a mild, doughy sweetness and a jammy wine sweetness is really inviting.

Taste: Rich mouth feel, peaty and smokey with some nice brine and pepper. It is very wine forward, and rich and jammy. Lots of raspberry, strawberry, grape and some date fruit makes this nice and sweet despite the peat. There’s little heat despite the fact this whopper clocks in at almost 120 proof.

Finish: Medium but satisfying. More briny and peppery but theres some more vanilla butter cream, light fruitiness and peppery before it departs.

Overall: I’m pretty thrilled with this dram. I like Caol Ila’s take on peat, I really like sherry and I think that peat is best when it’s young. These things all combined and executed well makes this bottle a real standout to me despite the budget pricetag. The fact that it is also CS is just a huge cherry on top. For this reason, I’m giving this dram a lofty 7. I expected it to be pretty good because I’m a big fan of Caol Ila spirit but it exceeded my expectations.

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Rank: 7

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