Review #228. High West American Prairie Quady Orange Muscat

Review #228 – High West American Prairie Quady Orange Muscat Finish

Whiskey Network Review #228 | /r/Bourbon Review #128 – High West American Prairie Quady Orange Muscat Finish, Ace Spirits

Nose: Vanilla, clove, some candied fruit. Heavy cinnamon. Surprisngly, overall it’s fairly muted. Maybe I expected more orange? I don’t know what I expected but there isn’t a ton here in terms of intensity.

Taste: Initially bitter, sweet vanilla flushes in. There’s some muted candied fruits, almost like a citrusy sherry. It’s weird – I’ll admit that for sure. Some molasses but very little before turning bitter again.

Finish: Mildly astringent growing more herbal. Fruity and bitter with some faint vanilla.

Overall: It’s okay but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – garbage in means garbage out. Now, I’m not calling American Prairie garbage but it’s not great whiskey and the finish doesn’t really seem to have improved it. It’s just made it…different. I didn’t mind sipping this neat but this really seems to sit in cocktail territory for me. It doesn’t do any one thing very well and the all over the place flavor, astringency and herbal bitterness leave me less than thrilled to drink a whole bottle of it. Then comes the price. $60ish? No thank you. I see this as something to liven up a cocktail but I couldn’t justify the price for the purpose. For this reason, I’m giving this dram a 4 – there’s some flaws to overcome but it isn’t wretched. I’m still curious on the others though. I’m going to do what I can to get my paws on some other finishes for Rendezvous Rye, Double Rye and now American Prairie. Gotta try em all!

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Rank: 4

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