Review #230. High West Rendezvous Rye Quady Port

​Review #230 – High West Rendezvous Rye Quady Port 2 Month Finish

Whiskey Network Review #230 | /r/Bourbon Review #130 – High West Rendezvous Rye Quady Port Finish (South Lyndale Liquors), 100.4pf

Nose: Huge, dry spice. There’s cola, cocoa and dark chocolate covered cherries. Some dry bitterness and a hint of sweet molasses and dill.

Taste: Sweet and dry. Deep dilly rye spice with molasses and some big port fruitiness. It’s very well blended and complex with neither of the two overpowering one another. Jammy and chocolatey but before it becomes cloying the rye comes back to offset the port sweetness.

Finish: Mild heat but the proof does this dram very well. It’s long and dry with some nice spice. The port and rye marry very well here and I like the introduction of the heavy cocoa notes complementing the dry jammy port notes and the sweet, minty, dilly rye notes. Mmmmm.

Overall: This really blew me away. Especially when I compared it to the sample I have bunkered from my MWND bottle. It’s richer in my opinion and the port finish here integrates much better with the rye than in MWND. It may be an unpopular opinion based on the cult-like love of MWND around this sub but I’m perfectly happy with it and have no regrets. I think this might be the MWND killer in my eyes. Thankfully, it’s also not too hard to find if you look hard enough. Oh, and it’s cheaper too. For this reason, I’m rating this dram an 8. It’s well deserving of a step above Rank 7 where regular Rendezvous Rye and some other finishes live alongside SAOS 7yr Rye. I’m very impressed here and with winter approaching quickly, I am looking forward to nights with a book, a dram of this and some nice music in the background.

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Rank: 8

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