Review #232. Benriach Solstice 17yr

Review #232 – Benriach Solstice 17yr Second Edition

Whiskey Network Review #232 | /r/Scotch Review #93 – Benriach Solstice Second Edition 17yr Heavily Peated Port Finished, 100pf

Nose: Potent wine sweetness, peat and vegetal smoke. Thick pound cake and some cinnamon, clove and some bittering wine notes again

Taste: Mild astringent plastic note. Good mouthfeel, coats nicely, sweet and peaty. There’s also some pepper. Then the wine kicks in. It’s less sweet and mildly souring but it plays with the peat very well. It’s sweet, peppery, fruity and smokey. Pretty complex.

Finish: Strong overarching peat and smoke. More wine sweetness pops up here and it gives way to some nice smokey, charred peat smoke.

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Rating: 7

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