Review #238. Wild Turkey Rare Breed 03-RB

Review #238 – Wild Turkey Rare Breed RB-03WT

Whiskey Network Review #238 | /r/Bourbon Review #131 – Wild Turkey Rare Breed 03, 108.2pf

Nose: Spicy brown sugar. Maple, molasses, some woody tannic notes and nice dusty leather. This seems like a good campfire or cabin in the woods dram based on the nose. Nice and earthy, robust and maple spice forward.

Taste: Faint bitterness being run over by some nice rye spiciness. Note, this is not a rye. This is a bourbon. There’s a lot of maple syrup, molasses, brown sugar, clove, etc. Then it starts growing astringent. It bitters a bit and grows a bit tannic.
Finish: Medium in length and good mouth feel and finish for the proof – coated nicely on the palate and theres not an overwhelming amount of heat. It starts sweet and ends particularly bitter.

Overall: I didn’t dislike this dram but I’m not sure I see the appeal here. This bottle costs $30 and a handle of Wild Turkey costs me $35. The palate and finish are good but they seem to be overly woody and bitter. This doesn’t play as well with the spicy flavors, in my opinion. There’s nothing majorly flawed with this dram but at the price it consistently sits at, I’d rather have Wild Turkey 101. For all of these reasons, I’m giving this dram a Rank 5 – it’s good but not amazing and it’s easily out done by many others.

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Rank: 5


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