Review #239. Laphroaig 10

Review #239 – Laphroaig 10 Year

Whiskey Network Review #239 | /r/Scotch Review #99 – Laphroaig 10 Year Re-Visit Review, 86pf

Nose: Sweet cream and buttery lemon zest . There’s brine creeping in and playing well with the lemon and then the big peat smoke hammer drops in. There’s some nice burning telephone pole and a nice nuance of fiery rubber.

Taste: The mouth feel is a bit thin but I suppose that’s to be expected at 43%. It’s smokey and medicinal with a good hint of iodine and dead things from the sea. There’s some nice briney salt and some more sweet butter cream playing nicely as well. I’ve noticed as I’ve spent much more time with peat, the initial brashness of the smoke is less clouding and I can usually pick up a good deal of less apparent sweetness. This dram is sweet but smokey which makes for a savory combo.

Finish: The finish is short/medium but loaded with smoke and vanilla undetones. Little to no heat, which seems just about right for the proof.

Overall: This is a gateway dram for sure since it is a nice, low-proof intoduction to how Laphroaig tackles peat. They like it raw and rough, with lots of medicinal smoke and seafood notes. This dram though has been chill-filtered and colored which appears to help in making it a stepping stone for novices since it is definitely “smoother” with a less abrasive mouth feel. It is good though and for $40 around here, it’s not a bad introduction. For this reason, I’m giving this dram a Rank 5. I think it’d step it up if it was NCF, NCA and Cask Strength but luckily thematic foreshadowing allows me to alliterate that perhaps there’s a dram from Laphroaig that fits all of those criteria to be reviewed soon.

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Rank: 5

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