Review #240. Old Forester 86pf

Review #240 – Old Forester 86pf

Whiskey Network Review #240 | /r/Bourbon Review #132 – Old Forester Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 86pf

Nose: Maple syrup and loads of molasses, banana bread, brown sugar, pound cake, pancakes and clove. Very sweet forward.

Taste: Thin and disappearing boldness. Astringency is king here with some light sugary sweetness and a mild banana bread note. The nose was painting a nice picture and the palate dropped the brush.

Finish: Where did it go? There’s almost nothing here and my notes say “short and lame”. That’s it. There isn’t much to say because there’s hardly a finish at all. I’m left with a funky astringent after taste and that’s about it.

Overall: What started surprisingly well quickly became a trainwreck. I was really looking forward to the dram after the nose because it was actually pretty good. It smelled like Saturday morning pancakes. And then it went down hill from there. Disappointing overall and this is definitely a well bourbon on my rack now. I’m rating this dram a 3 because it is downright bad. There are enough holes here to make this bottle look like swiss cheese and while I’ve had much worse, I’ve also had far, far better. This dram sits with other bottles like Auchentoshan Triple Wood, Jim Beam White Label, Wieser Uuahouua and Journeyman Buggy Whip. There’s not a lot to say here but if this is on the shelf next to Signature or basically any other bourbon, you might do well to reach for that instead.

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Rank: 3


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  2. Jerry Morris

    Drinking 86 pf. Old Forrester
    As I write this review.
    Nothing to brag about, I rate it with
    Regular 80 pf. Jim Beam, etc.

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