Review #241. Laphroaig PX

Review #241 – Laphroaig PX

Whiskey Network Review #241 | /r/Scotch Review #100 – Laphroaig PX Year Re-Visit Review, 96pf

Laphroaig PX is a travel retail exclusive being finished in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks.

Nose: Sweet, sweet sherry notes with vanilla and brine. Smoke and mild pepper are prominent as well with grapes and date fruit thrown in the mix. It’s a nice blend of sweet and smokey with good balance.

Taste: Pepper and smoke foremost with the brine and rubber also. Sweet wine fruit and more brine. It’s less sherry forward than the nose would suggest but I think it’s a nice balance, again. PX can sometimes be way too sweet so I’m glad they didn’t go overboard on this one.

Finish: Mildly hot but sweet and peppery. Medium length. Lots of iodine and brine here too with a faint hint of dead things. i like it.

Overall: This was infinitely more enjoyable compared to my experiences of a year ago and I enjoyed this quite a bit. It’s a great no frills dram and while it’s not absurdly powerful or complex it does what it does well. For that reason, I’m scoring this a Rank 6, just above the 10 because the added ABV and the PX are really a nice booster to the base spirit.

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Rank: 6

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