Review #242. Jim Beam Singature Rare Spanish Brandy

Review #242 – Jim Beam Signature Series Rare Spanish Brandy

Whiskey Network Review #244 | /r/Bourbon Review #133 – Jim Beam Signature Series Rare Spanish Brandy, 86pf

Nose: Sweet and winey, maple, vanilla, red fruits, cinnamon

Taste: Thin mouth feel but not surprised for the low proof. Sweet and unoffensive, loaded with molasses, cinnamon, fruity jam, vanilla. I fail to taste the “rarity” of the brandy but I do get a good bit of brandy notes.

Finish: Short to medium and no heat whatsoever. Fruity and sweet but balanced with some nice woody maple notes. Never thought I’d say this of a young Beam product but I actually enjoy this

Overall: Overall, this is a decent product for the price and one I quite enjoy as winter is approaching. It’s great for that time you don’t need a bruiser dram but want something that wont give you flashbacks to college dorms at a great price. I won’t embellish it and say it’s a very good, or even great whiskey but it’s quite a bit better than I expected from it and I enjoy sitting down to a dram of this to warm up for the evening or to just sip on while I’m doing housework or whatnot. For this reason, I’m giving this a 5. Nothing to be ashamed of in the slightest. I’d honestly probably take this over Rare Breed (my last review before this)

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Rank: 5


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