Review #243. Springbank 20yr Rum Cask

Review #243 – Springbank 20yr Rum Cask

Whiskey Network Review #243 | /r/Scotch Review #101- Springbank 20yr Rum Cask

I like Springbank but my experience with rum matured drams is lacking outside of The Balvenie.

Nose: Heavy vanilla, maple candies, doughy icing, salt and pepper, mild smoke. This smells like what I imagine a peat smoked salted caramel latte would smell like.

Taste: The mouth feel is rich and thick despite a slightly lower proof but it’s all good. Sweet and smokey, heavy peppery influence and very sweet. Lots of icing, cream soda, molasses, maple syrup candies, hint of woodiness, etc. It’s sweet but well balanced with the peat and smokey – neither are particularly strong but mingle well. I think I was expecting way more rum punch.

Finish: Long and complex and growing earthier. More peat and sweet with the rum notes sharply dropping off to afford this becoming a doughy pepper bomb. Well, maybe not bomb, but it’s pretty smokey in that elegant springbank way.

Overall: Overall, I really enjoy this dram but it’s a one-off for me. I wouldn’t buy a bottle because I can’t see myself thinking to myself that I want a dram of this on a frequent occasion. Especially at the price. It’s great spirit though and as usual Springbank really nails unique product design. While I’d go bonkers over a Fino or Manzinilla cask product at this age, this was a fun and delicious dram. For this reason I’m giving this dram a 7 – it’s great but doesn’t have the inspiring punch to push it higher. Unfortunately, I’m not even sure I could estimate this dram was older than 12-14 years if I tried it blind. It’s great whiskey but lacks the oompf to elevate it higher.

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Rank: 7

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