Review #244. The GlenDronach 18yr Tawny Port

Review #244 – The GlenDronach 18yr Tawny Port

Whiskey Network Review #244 | /r/Scotch Review #102- GlenDronach 18yr Tawny Port, 92pf | 46% ABV

Color: Maple with a slight pink hue

Nose: Sweet, winey goodness. Thick syrupy port notes, mixed with vanilla and nougat. There’s slight clove, oak, cinnamon, some brown sugar but mostly, this is a wine fiesta. and I love it.

Taste: Sort of thin mouthfeel – I wish I could try this at cask strength. Sweet, port forward like no tomorrow. No heat. It’s all toffee, port, some odd sweet funk and one more jammy fruit bash.

Finish: Medium and gentle – no heat at all. Sweet, although not as sweet as the palate and that nice underlying GlenDronach character gets to show a little here.

Overall: Overall, this is damn delicious. I’m not sure I could pay the $85-$100 that this goes for here in the states but it’s very tempting. I like the flavors, the balance, the heat and despite it being a bit thin, I can appreciate the mouthfeel given the proof it’s at. This at cask strength would be bonkers, I think. I’m going to give this dram a 7 – I like it a whole lot.

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Rank: 7


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