Review #245. Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10 Single Barrel AWS Slandys Select

Whiskey Network Review #245| /r/Bourbon Review #134 – Smooth Ambler Old Scout 10yr Single Barrel, “Slandy’s Select”, 117.4pf | 58.7%ABV

Color: Maple

Nose: Maple sugar, molasses, black pepper, vanilla cream, mild clove

Taste: Sweet and dessert-like. Clove heavy, medium mouth feel but with an odd, woody, astringent set of notes stomping in. Seems a tad hot, but nothing too insane and very generous and gentle for the actual proof

Finish: Medium, sweet with more of that odd wood funk. A little less astringent here.

Overall: This is far from a bad dram, but I’m going to set forth the likely unpopular opinion that this isn’t amazing. The more I try these bourbons from Smooth Ambler, the more I realize that MGP bourbon just isn’t my jam like their rye is. I like this a lot more than a lot of 10yr SiB products so I don’t doubt this was well picked but overall I just don’t think the base spirit is for me. I’m rating this dram a 6 – it’s good but nothing exceptional. Overall, I think I set my internal expectations far too high but that’s just how the donut rolls sometimes. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 6

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