Review #247. St Magdalene 19yr

​Review #247 – Rare Malts St. Magdalene 1979-1998

Whiskey Network Review #247 | /r/Scotch Review #103 – St. Magdalene 19yr 1979-1998 Rare Malts, 127.8pf | 63.8% ABV

Nose: Hugely creamy and sweet. There’s big cocao here and I’d guess this has some sherry influence. Mild salinity, vanilla, poundcake, no hint of ethanol despite the overproof, mild orange peel, some lemon citrus zest. Honey, figs, thin plum, cocal and baked doughy sweets.

Taste: Thick mouthfeel, oily and punchy but relative mild burn for the proof. This shit is delicious. There, I said it. Vanilla, custard, pepper and salt, lots of cocoa and malty chocolate. Fig, date, raisins, sherry punch. Hawk suggested a couple drops of water and this does HUGE things to both the nose and palate. Opens right up and everything goes from bold to overdrive.

Finish: Long, some heat prickle. Peppery, sweet, floral. Mild anise? That’s the floral sense I’m picking up. Sweet and creamy, peppery bit and a good dosage of more sherry love.

Overall: This shit is bananas. Not literal bananas but it’s really good. It’s also a very rare dram where water does a heap of good. The flavors are bold and huge. They cater to my fruity, sweet, sherry slut mentality. The mouthfeel is bonkers good and I’m loving the proof. This dram blew me socks off since I had 0 expectation and I’m going to mourn its demise. Since it’s old and from what I gather from memory, a closed distillery, I’m stoked to have tried some. This is HFS level good and I’m pleased to be awarding it a Rank 9 where it sits with Benrinnes 23 and some really old GlenDronachs I’ve had.

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Rank: 9

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