Review #248. High West Double Rye Blask Muscat Finish

Review #248 – High West Double Rye Black Muscat Finish

Whiskey Network Review #248 | /r/Bourbon Review #136 – High West Double Rye! Black Muscat Finish, 94.8pf | 47.4%ABV

Nose: Heavy heavy rye spice. maple, gingerbread, clove, spice, it’s really spicey and baking note forward. i feel like after sniffing this the gingerbread man is going to come assault me.

Taste: Sweet for a moment but then the hammer of spice returns. I’m not sure how much here is the rye and how much is the finish but it’s very fruity, syrupy and sweet. There is metallic dill notes and then a massive whomp of baking spice again. It’s weird. I kind of like it, but it’s certainly unique.

Finish: Medium with some heat.

Overall: To me, this is far better than the AP Orange Muscat but there’s a ton of variables. They are nothing alike save for the word Muscat in the names. One is a bourbon finished in orange muscat and one is a rye finished in black. I think it’s better but I also tend to like rye better.
This dram is weird and all over the place. Spicey one moment, fruity the next and then sweet and gingerbread like in the following. I like it, and I’d pay maybe $40 to keep one for novelty sake but my memory tells me these are going for (maybe) way more and that’s too high for me. It’s unique and not really flawed so I’m giving this a Rank 5.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 5

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