Review #250. The GlenDronach Revival 15yr

Review #250 – The GlenDronach Revival 15yr re-review

Whiskey Network Review #250 | /r/Scotch Review #104 – The GlenDronach 15yr Revival, 92pf | 46% ABV

Everyone knows I swoon for GlenDronach product and furthermore everyone knows the lore of them shutting down for many years and then returning to production years later. This means there is a good chance that the juice in this bottle is older than 15yrs, although likely not as much considerably older as the stocks in the 12yr bottling.

Nose: Thick rich cocoa, fudge, grapes, dates, vanilla, massive fig and cherry chocolate notes. Really rich.

Taste: Rich, sweet cocoa. Creamy figs and grapes – the sherry influence here is undeniable and it’s very well done. Intense

Finish: Warming and long – woody cocoa, honey, toffee and a good dose of thick sherry wine
Overall: This is the quintessential sherry bomb (at lower proof). It’s rich, thick, well done and shines at the ABV it was bottled at. I think the bump to 46% really does wonders here and I love this dram. Ranking this dram is an easy task and I’m giving it a generous 7. It’s still available around me but prices are rising.

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Rank: 7

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