Review #252. Jack Daniels Rye

Review #252 – Jack Daniel’s Rye

Whiskey Network Review #252 | /r/Bourbon Review #138 -Jack Daniel’s Rye, 94pf | 47.0%ABV

Nose: Caramel, wet cardboard (a weird papery note I get in a lot of younger ryes), molasses, pleaseant rye spice, cereal grains and a good hint of brown sugar. There’s almost no signature BF banana here but there is some hints of a light fruitiness. It’s light though and very faint.

Taste: Medium thin mouthfeel, no heat. Mild banana here but only just so – followed by lots of sweet caramel and some sugar. There’s an odd lack of activity here. No heat, mild flavors despite the relative boldness of the caramel / sugar. Kinda just halts.

Finish: Medium and also gentle. No sign of proof or heat here. It grows spicier and slightly astringent but this is a welcome balance with the one-note show of caramel and sugar laced with light fruit.

Overall: It’s really awesome to see some variety and expedition in the Jack Daniels line and since I love rye, this was also welcome. Unfortunately, this rye isn’t my new favorite rye. It’s good, but a little boring and sort of expensive. That being said, it doesn’t have any gaping flaws and it was delicious either way. I’m giving this dram a Rank 5.

Rank: 5

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