Review #253. Jack Daniels 150th Anniversary Release

Review #253 – Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Edition

Whiskey Network Review #253 | /r/Bourbon Review #139 -Jack Daniel’s 150th Anniversary Edition, 100pf | 50.0%ABV

Nose: Oddly corn forward – almost smells like a corn tortilla or tortilla chip. Very distinctive. Banana, vanilla, mild wood funk, toffee and something that can only be described as peanuts. It’s inviting and it’s not like Beam Peanut Brittle funk but this smells like a new can of Planter’s peanuts being cracked.

Taste: Medium mouthfeel, this is definitely better than Signature, another 100pf Old Forester product. Thicker, sweeter but more balanced. There’s more peanut here, typical BF bananas foster, toffee and some nice spice and clove. I’m actually enjoying this.

Finish: Medium and warm – grows more spicy and theres a good deal of complexity here. Lots more honey roasted peanut and banana split sundae (banana, light cocoa, vanilla, some caramel)

Overall: I love to hate Jack Daniels and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed that this wasn’t terrible. In fact, I quite liked this compared to the normal No.7 or the other Old Forester Products I’ve had. I’m giving this a Rank 6. The mouthfeel was good, the flavors were unique and well balanced. Sometimes I am surprised and this was definitely one of those cases.

Rank: 6

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