Review #255. Parkers Heritage Collection 2012 Four Grain

Review #255 – Parker’s Heritage Collection 2012 4-Grain

Whiskey Network Review #255 | /r/Bourbon Review #141 – Parker’s Heritage Collection 2012, 131.6pf | 65.8%ABV

Nose: Maple, honey, molasses, oak, a good deal of ethanol

Taste: Sweet cereal grans, molasses, honey, vanilla. This is one hot dram though, almost searing to the tongue and throat. Other than the general feel of malty sweetness, a lot of depth is lost to the scourge of the proof. It’s not a gentle heat.

Finish: Long, hot and sustaining. Sweet and savory, loaded with vanilla, caramel, malty sweetness etc. It tastes like you’d expect 65%+ whiskey would taste.

Overall: Overall, this isn’t terrible. But it was an LE product, one I think was expensive (correct me if I’m wrong) and I definitely wouldn’t seek one out for a price greater than $60 because this is barrel proof but it’s not gentle about it. That’s not to say that every barrel proofer should be gentle or good at hiding proof but this dram is none of those things. It borders on hot hot garbage and if I couldn’t get at a little of some of the complexity under the heat, this would score far worse. I enjoyed it but it goes to show that not all LE’s are truly exceptional. I’m giving this a Rank 6 as a result.

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Rank: 6


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