Review #256. Aberlour 18

Review #256 – Aberlour 18yr

Whiskey Network Review #256 | /r/Scotch Review #106- Aberlour 18yr, 96pf | 48.0% ABV

Nose: Woody sulphur, sweet sweet fudgy wine notes. Maple, figs, dates, plumbs, raspberry jam. Odd orange citrus and leather.

Taste: Thin, sharp, hot and acidic. The sherry is apparent here but it’s nothing like the nose. The deep complexity isn’t present and it’s like a sweet acidic sticky mess. Lots of fig, cocoa, raspberry syrup

Finish: Medium to short, hot, sulphuric and really quite abrubt. There’s little sherry notes to speak of.

Overall: I’m surprised and a little sad to comment on how quickly this dram went downhill. I enjoyed the nose immensely and then all of that pleasure just wisped away. I’ve not yet found many drams that seem to have sherry sulphur in them but this is an overload, almost to the point of washing out all of the other notes. For an expensive, old bottle, this isn’t particularly great. There’s some redeeming quality in the nose – I could sit and smell it all day but I’d save the actual consumption for another dram that can follow through. For this reason, I’m giving Aberlour 18 a Rank 5.

Rank: 5

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