Review #257. Balvenie 15yr SiB Sherry

Review #257 – Balvenie 15yr SiB Sherry

Whiskey Network Review #257 | /r/Scotch Review #107 – The Balvenie 15yr Single Barrel Sherry, 95.6pf | 47.8% ABV

Nose: Honey, dough, yeast bakery sweets. Passion fruits, figs, plumbs, date fruit and sweet chocolate.

Taste: Medium and oily, the extra proof does very well with this one and I appreciate it. Sweet plum forward with a light dose of oak and cocoa. More honey, more doughnut sweets follow. Overall it’s a sweet dram and more focused in the light, floral, fruity corner of the sherry arena, rather than the dense sticky cocoa corner of the arena. Nothing wrong with that.

Finish: Long, warming, sweet and syrupy with only a little hint of prickly proof. This dram behaves very well on the way out.

Overall: I really like this dram. There’s only one problem….it’s $115-$135 where I live and that’s absurd. This dram is delicious and brings a ton to the table but pricing like that is bonkers and reminds me why it’s not in my collection. I really enjoy it though and it’s sweeter look at sherry always leaves me appreciating any samples I try. For these reasons, I’m giving it a Rank 6.

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Rank: 6

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