Review #259. Belle Meade XO Cognac Finished

Review #259 – Bella Meade XO Cognac Finished Bourbon

Whiskey Network Review #259 | /r/Bourbon Review #143 – Bella Meade XO Cognac FInished, 90.4pf | 45.2% ABV

Nose: Clove, cinnamon, odd raisen notes, oak, and a good bit of MGP bourbon baking spices and honey. As hard as the finish may try, it can’t hide that this is MGP bourbon.

Taste: Thin, sweet and definitely a finished MGP. There’s some nice wood spice, wine notes like grapes and honey blend well. It’s oddly tannic though and dusty leathery. I like it so far, but more proof would be nice.

Finish: Short, grows astringent, spicy, clove heavy

Overall: As hard as I try, I think that MGP bourbon just doesn’t scratch any itches for me. This is fine, and I enjoyed this product fine but it didn’t blow me away or even really leave me feeling a need to try it again. Maybe the finish just isn’t for me but my guess is finishing a base spirit I don’t totally love won’t have spectacular results. It’s a good, solid product though if a bit expensive. I’m giving this a Rank 5.

Rank: 6


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