Review #260. 1792 Sweet Wheat

Review #260 – 1792 Sweet Wheat

Whiskey Network Review #260 | /r/Bourbon Review #144 – 1792 Sweet Wheat, 91.2pf | 45.6% ABV

Nose: banana candies (runts), cream, root beer, fruity sweet

Taste: no heat, mildly oily, sweet and banana runt/laffy taffy forward. clove, vanilla bean ice cream, root beer, light fruity sweetness

Finish: Medium and little heat. Sweet and very reminiscent of W12

Overall: Good and very reminiscent of W12 except for the banana notes. It’s good but low proof wheaters aren’t really my jam I’m discovering – too sweet and almost cloyingly so. I’m giving this a Rank 5 – it’s a good dram and does what it’s supposed to well. That being said, I don’t love it because it’s cloying sweet to me.

Rank: 5


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