Review #263. Glenfiddich 18

Whiskey Network Review #263| /r/Scotch Review #110 – Glenfiddich 18yr, 86pf | 43.0% ABV

Nose: Sweet pears apples caramel toffee light and crisp. A bit richer than the 15 with more caramel and toffee.

Taste: Sweet and rich. No heat. Toffee, caramel apple, mild pear and apricot jam. Faint thin vanilla and a good deal of a nice toffee note. It’s all still light though, and the mouthfeel isn’t too impressive but on the whole it’s light, floral, sweet and approachable.

Finish: Medium, thin, no heat. Apples ,pears little syrupy sweetness with a hint of caramel. Despite being higher in proof than the 15yr, the finish is significantly better and much more complex. Also less rough.

Overall: Good but light, thin and floral. Expensive and not as complex as one would expect for the age although it definitely pales the 15yr. Sweet fruity apple pie but not as much depth as I’d like for something on the top shelf. It is definitely improved over the 15 and I’m going to give it props for that. I’m scoring this a Rank 6.

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Rating: 6

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