Review #264. Oban 14yr

Review #264 – Oban 14yr

Whiskey Network Review #264 | /r/Scotch Review #111 – Oban 14yr, 86pf | 43.0% ABV

Nose: Salted caramel, doughy sweet and yeasty bakery notes. Cinnamon, molasses, mild smokey char (very mild) and a bit of toffee and vanilla.

Taste: Odd, funky sweetness – tastes like a 75% baked pastry. I like it. More salted caramel notes, creme brulee, molasses, vanilla, mild cinnamon, some faint char and a good oak note.

Finish: Medium length, a tad hot for the proof. It’s unique and nice and complex with honey, ginger, very very faint sea air and a good dose of vanilla.

Overall: This is a unique dram and I really enjoyed it. It’s certainly different from most anything else in Diageo’s core line (save for Dalwhinnie, it’s oddly reminiscent in part to some of the standard Dalwhinnie notes) and I found myself enjoying it a good bit. I’m going to give it a Rank 6 for these reasons. There is one unfortunate note though – this bottle is consistently nearing $75-$80 where I live and that’s just painful to see. I’d buy this all of the time at $45-$55 but an expensive $25 hike in price just can’t be justified.

Rank: 6

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