Review #268. Laphroaig Lore

​Review #268 – Laphroaig Lore

Whiskey Network Review #268 | /r/Scotch Review #113 – Laphroaig Lore, 96pf | 48.0% ABV

Nose: Evergreen, vanilla, pound cake, tropical fruits,thin cocoa, definitely laphroaig smokey. Dead sea things, bandaids, some brine.

Taste: Thin mouth feel, feels like the 10yr. Sweet bubblegum, smoke, char, and not much else. I feel like there’s a lot of character here but no real intensity.

Finish: Medium, hot and not complex. Smokey vanilla with sweet honey. The smoke is even short lived and doesn’t carry like Laphroaig smoke usually does.

Overall: Overall, this is disappointing and a shame that they think $120 for this bottle is reasonable or justified. What notes there were, I enjoyed but there was a lack of complexity and boldness which is disappointing , especially for a product marketed to represent the “Lore” of the distillery. Im going to rank this a 5 – it’s good and fine but no better than the 10 to me. I’d take the QC or the Cask Strength any day with no hesitation whatsoever.

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Rank: 5

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