Review #269. Very Special Old Fitzgerald 1994

​Review #269 – Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12yr (1994 Bourbon Heritage Collection) 90pf

Whiskey Network Review #269 | /r/Bourbon Review #147 – Very Special Old Fitzgerald 12yr (1994 Bourbon Heritage Bottling), 90pf | 45.0% ABV

Nose: Rich maple, cinnamon, toffee, cocoa – this could almost be a completely different dram. There’s also a faint, savory note.

Taste: Thin mouthfeel, sweet with more savory notes. Clove, cinnamon, faint bubblegum, cola, cherry and some faint faint banana.

Finish: This is where the difference really seems to be from the 2016. Its medium but thick. No astringency here. The flavors from the palate are a bit muted but it makes for a much more pleasant exit. It feels far more well rounded and complex.

Overall: There are a lot of unique, but delicious notes here. I like it a fair bit more than 1792/VSOF 2016 etc I’m going to give it a Rank 6. Wheaters still ain’t my jam, but it’s good and I can’t ignore that. I’m enjoying this trend of checking out all these Fitzies and I’ll have a huge review of another coming up soon.

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Rank: 6

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