Review #273. Eagle Rare 10 Premier Pick

Review #273 -Eagle Rare 10 Premier Wine and Spirits Pick

Whiskey Network Review #273 | /r/Bourbon Review #149 – Eagle Rare 10yr Premier Wine and Spirits Pick, 90pf | 45.0% ABV

Nose: Sweet Vanilla, molasses, tropical fruits ( this has been popping up for me lately very heavily in ER10). Oaky clove. It’s hitting all the delicious ER10 notes that I’m used to and love

Taste: Sweet vanilla, butter cream, oaky molasses, cinnamon clove and a faint cocoa aroma. Very forward on the vanilla, syrupy sweetness of the cream and balanced well by the oak.

Finish: Medium no heat and very “smooooth” – it goes down easy in an almost dangerous fashion.

Overall: Yup – this is Eagle Rare 10yr. Perhaps, on the verge of sacrilege, it’s just as good as normal ER10. I’m not saying this is bad, either. ER10 is remarkably approachable and one of my favorite every day drams. The price, proof, notes and availability are all there. It’s delicious, approachable and I’m giving it a Rank 6 like the rest.

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Rank: 6

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