Review #275. Ledaig 9yr Signatory Vintage

​Revew #275 – Signatory Vintage Ledaig 2005 9yr First Fill Sherry

Whiskey Network Review #275 | /r/Scotch Review #116 – Signatory Vintage 2005 Ledaig 9yr FF Sherry, 112pf | 56.0% ABV

Nose: Dirt, sherry, fruit, plum, forest fire, very mineral heavy and oddly field like (more grassy than floral)

Taste: Oily mouth feel and instantly smokey. Kind of an oatmeal note. Sherry is very prominent with fig, date, plum. Apples, raspberry jam. Burning things – very mineral heavy and very woody. Not ashy but a very strong forest note with wood and smoke and herbal grassy peat. Like a goddamn forest fire. This is really something else

Finish: Long, thick and rich. full of smoke but also well blended with the added complexity of the sherry.

Overall: This is crazy unique and also crazy good. I’m really enjoying how the peat here is presented – very prominent and different from other big peat bombs. The sherry plays along very very well and makes the dram thick, rich and syrupy. All in all, I’m a fan. I’m giving this a Rank 7 and I’m now feeling an urge to pick up a bottle.

Thanks for reading!

Rank: 7


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  2. Dean

    I hope you were able to pick up a bottle. I’m stoked now. I got the last bottle of the Signatory Ledaig 9 year in my area. The store clerk was talking to me about how it has sat in the store for years because his is one where they get lots of Buffalo Trace Bourbon so people flock there for that. A lot of the Scotches are untouched for years. Can’t wait to dip into this one. I’ve only had the Ledaig 10 year standard offering. A nice nuanced medicinal peaty taste to it. Thanks again for these reviews. Very helpful.

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