Review #276. Pikesville Rye

​Review #276 – Pikesville Rye 110 proof

Whiskey Network Review #276 | /r/Bourbon Review #151 – Pikesville Rye, 110pf | 55.0% ABV

Nose: Brown sugar, clove, cream, mild spice

Taste: Sweet and mild rye spice, lots of molasses, sugar, cream and clove

Finish: Medium, hot for the proof. Sweet and spicy. Leaning more towards spice

Overall: Good but not really a very punch rye. It’s a solid rye, has a nice soft, sweet mouthfeel. Not punishingly harsh or hot but also not wildly complex. To me, this tastes closer to bourbon, than rye. Which is a problem for a product that costs nearer to $50 or $55 near me. I’m going to give this a Rank 5

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Rank: 5

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