Review #280. Henry McKenna BiB 10yr Liquor Barn Pick

​Review #280 – Henry McKenna 10yr BiB Liquor Barn Pick

Whiskey Network Review #280 | /r/Bourbon Review #153 – Henry McKenna 10yr BiB Liquor Barn Pick, 100pf | 50.0% ABV

Nose: Oaky vanilla, clove, maple. Very oaky, mildly bitter nose but in a good way.

Taste: Oaky but sweet, in a way that EC12 can only dream about. Vanilla, mild cocoa, honey and a nice bittering note that keeps the sweet notes in check.

Finish: Long finish with a great warming quality. Good for the proof. Grows sweeter with the oak here with a strong vanilla finish.

Overall: Darn, this is really good. Just like the original it’s very solid and walks the line between oaky and sweet with great precision. It’s not an insane jump from the regular, I notice this a hair sweeter but I’m going to score it the same. You can’t go wrong with it but I wouldn’t hunt it out or pay a huge markup for it. You’ll only be getting novelty. This gets a Rank 7 from me.

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Rank: 7


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