Review #282. Compass Box 3yr Deluxe

​Review #282 – Compass Box 3yr Deluxe

Whiskey Network Review #282 | /r/Scotch Review #119 – Compass Box’s 3yr Deluxe, 98.4pf | 49.2% ABV

NCF | NCA | 3,282 Total Bottles.

Nose: Yeasty dough, cream, lemon peel, salted caramel, apples, white grape.

Taste: Sweet, floral, creamy grapes and pears. Very complex, more salted caramel, waxy lemon peel and cream.
Finish: Lightly peaty, rubbery. Sweet and ashy. Mild complexity here with medium length. That beautiful creamy waxy fruit and lemon peel is fantastic. This is really quite good.

Overall: I’m rating this a Rank 8. It’s really very good and the complexity is great. It’s without a doubt old Clynelish in my mind and that is my jam as of late. I love the profile and the finish is pretty good too. That being said, while this is a great bottle, it’s over priced. Which explains why I have a sample of this and not the entire thing.

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Rank: 8

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