Review #284. The GlenDronach 22yr Single Cask PX Maturation

Whiskey Network Review #284 | /r/Scotch Review #120 – GlenDronach Single Cask 22yr PX

NCF | NCA | Unknown Proof

Nose: Huge, deep, thick sherry. Syrupy sticky PX. Chocolate cocoa, maple, vanilla, figs, dates, plums.

Taste: Rich, oily, dense sherry fruit. Bit of heat and more noticeable sulphur. Figs, pound cake, cocoa, plum, raspberry jam, maple candies. This one has a
bit more sulphur than I enjoy that some slightly younger picks but I’m never going to stop seeking out older and older casks from GlenDronach.

Finish: Long, complex, theres’s a good deal of heat but it’s well blended. It’s not too sickly sweet – definitely not cloying. This is delicious and rich and warming.

Overall: This is another phenomenal dram and I’m tickled to have tried some. Like I said above, I’m starting to wonder if the sweet spot for these is 18-20 years but that’s just a hunch. I’ll never stop trying to sample as many of these as I possibly can. I’m giving this a Rank 8 – the palate and complexity and finish make this a very enjoyable and very impressive sherry bomb despite the price. This dram sits next to other GlenDronach single casks I’ve had as well as Longrow’s RED Shiraz bottling and the Bruichladdich Cuvee bottlings.

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Rank: 8

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