Review #3 – Maker’s Mark 46

Whiskey Network Review #3, /r/bourbon Review #3 – Maker’s Mark 46, 94pf | 47.0% ABV
Ironic that I’m reviewing this before standard Maker’s Mark. Oh well.
This is slightly higher proofed Maker’s Mark that has also had some French Oak stave added. This is supposed to add some additional spice and flavor to the base spirit. Let’s see how it does!

Sampled from a Glencairn, neat, with Nick Offerman joining me via yule log on the third screen. Joy. 

Nose: A little sweeter than standard Makers. Much more vanilla and maybe a hint of cinnamon and oak? Makes sense for all of that oak staves shenanigans. 
Taste: Not at all like the nose. A bit spicier and woodier than regular makers but no vanilla and weird sweetness showing up. Splenda sweet, almost.
Finish: Fairly short, mild heat and some funky spicy Splenda sweet on the way out.
Overall: It’s not bad. I like it more than original Makers but it certainly isn’t a show stealer. I like the nose a bit more but wish it followed through in the body. Interesting experiment by MM though and I’d love to try the CS of this sometime. 

Thanks for reading! 

Rank: 5

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