Review #300. SMWS 26.105 Bumblebees by the Sea

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This Clynelish scotch review is of a bottle that should never be forgotten: SMWS 26.105 – Clynelish 28yr Bumblebees by the Sea

Whiskey Network Review #300 | /r/Scotch Review #123 – SMWS 26.105 Clynelish 29yr, 115.2pf | 57.6% ABV

clynelish scotch review

Proof: 115.2

Distillation Date: 11/28/1984

Bottling Date: 2013

Maturation: Refill Sherry Butt

Nose: Honey, dough, thick waxy fruit notes. Lemons, buttercream, apples, pears, faint strawberry. Bakery spices and sweets like faint toffee, sweet caramel, buttercream. Grows a tiny bit spicy with the waxiness picking up.

Taste: Thick, rich mouth feel. Oily, coats well. Heat is very much in check for the proof. Honey, almonds, mild pepper. Apple, lemon zest, toffee. This is amazing and complex. It’s like dessert but balanced incredibly well against the waxy dough notes and some faint pepper. Unbelievable.

Finish: This goes on for ages. Complex, deep, long. Waxy fruit and toffee for days.

Overall: This is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. For scale, /a friend  and I tried this against two Brora samples and a St. Mag sample and I think we were both in agreement that this was better. The richness, complexity, mouth feel, signature Clynelish waxed fruit notes all showed up in force and blew me away. I saved some for a formal, standalone review (this is the product of that) on Christmas and it was the best Christmas ever.

This has been a long time coming but this is my first Rank 10 dram. I’ve had nothing that compares to it and while the Brora and St Mag were phenomenal products as well, this edged them out in my opinion. I’m going to go be sad now, for a moment, because I drank it all. t8ke, out.

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Rank: 10


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